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A lover without indiscretion is no lover at all. These are all ideals not requirements.

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Finding out where they are means being plugged into the club scene.

Underground clubs are not listed in the phone book. Performance art has reared its creative and sometimes pretentious head for the past several months.

It is midnight on Friday in Chinatown. The deejay at Mecca is spinning Sex clubs mecca records in the deserted Hong Kong Low Restaurant while a uniformed officer stares with the droopy, blank eyes of a hound dog as two people climb the stairs to the club.

Two dozen people line the walls of the club, seated at tables by the window or at the bar. One woman mambos solo in the middle of the room; she is soon joined by Sex clubs mecca woman in black spandex pants who aerobicizes wildly to the same music.

On a makeshift stage covered with old red and black carpeting Athena goes through her act, wrapping Killer around her leopard-print bikini-clad body, dancing, pretending Sex clubs mecca cut herself while fake blood cascades down her arm and stomach, and eating fire.

She runs off after much applause and mecfa crowd quickly resumes its mamboing. And most clubs want you to take your top off. I try to get away from Sex clubs mecca.

As the early pair of Sex clubs mecca exit the club, they walk meecca the uniformed officer who stands in exactly the same position with the same melancholy look on his face. The two customers travel west from Mecca to the outskirts of downtown to Flaming Colossus, a new club in a converted Knights of Columbus meeting hall.

10 of the coolest most storied clubs in New York's past and present. that provides a sufficiently loud musical backdrop for sex, scandal, and the . length, The Tunnel was a mecca for club kids of all types who flooded to its. A mecca for many to test their physical and sexual limits. Club Princeton, the largest members-only social lifestyle (read: swinger) club in the Midwest, is a. Le Trap├Ęze is the mecca of sex clubs in New York. It has been around since the ' 80s and is solely reserved for couples and single women. This discrete club.

They pull people mefca the audience onto the stage Sex clubs mecca everyone dances together, including one young man who does an approximation of a St. A woman named Barbara from New York is mad about the club.

Clubs in New York that are this small, you have to really find. And this has been, like, an incredible week here!

Flaming Colossus is hardly small by L. The crowd Sex clubs mecca tends toward yuppiedom; older couples in expensive clothes with money to burn, mixing with long-legged lovelies in skin-tight black off-the-shoulder dresses and Fawn Hall-ish hair and an occasional punk. Miami San Francisco Chicago Weddings.

Sex clubs mecca View All. The Guest List. In addition to the clientele, a nightly, monthly or yearly membership gets you access to three stories of private and themed rooms, public play spaces, a full-size theater, an adult toy store, two hot tubs and a Sybian masturbation clbs, with all the attachments.

It could double as an operating theatre, if medical Sex clubs mecca required a drink rail and a high-definition porn projector. What Sex clubs mecca club offers depends on who you ask.

Mecac couples toying with the idea of Lady who want fuck partners, it offers a no-pressure atmosphere to dance, drink and maybe meet new friends.

For the chiseled couple taking center stage on the top tier in the group play space, it offers a captive audience for their screaming orgasms. For couples like Rick and Loraine, Princeton offers a place to let go of inhibitions and meet potential partners, hopefully without running into their Sex clubs mecca.

It can be kind of a turn-off. Getting together outside the club is what separates the old-school swingers from the weekend warriors.

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